[Free Download] 700 lightroom presets bundle


700 Lightroom Presets Bundle

700 lightroom presets bundle [Free Download] 700 lightroom presets bundle

Mẫu Mega Budle Presets này với 13 gói lightroom prestes khác nhau:

Một Số Tính Năng: 

  • 700+ professional Lightroom presets in total
  • Compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and Creative Cloud.
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC.
  • Works on RAW and JPEG images.
  • Can be easily adjusted to fit your image.
  • All presets have been tested experimented.
  • Installation Instructions are included.
  • Regular future updates are free.
  • Extended license automatically included.

Link Download Free Google Drive:

700+ Lightroom Presets Bundle

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